Longrange Outfitters


Shooting Systems Defined

Gunwerks pioneered the concept of a Shooting System. Now we lead the pack. Saavy shooters are fed up with manufacturers blaming ammo or scopes for poor performance.

At Gunwerks we make no excuses for being the best. All rifles undergo a rigorous testing and inspection process that includes barrel breakin and accuracy and function testing. Then the premium G7 optic is mounted and the rifle is fired through our ballistic lab on our 1000 yard range. The precise ballistic profile of the rifle, scope, and ammo combination is determined and a custom G7 Ballistic Turret is marked with your precise drop compensation calibration using our proprietary ballistic software. Now we have a Shooting System. Final testing of the shooting system ensures that you will have our famed performance at 1000 yards, out of the box.

The Best LongRange Capable Ammo Available

Gunwerks ammunition is handcrafted with premium components. Each powder charge is individually measured on precision scales, run out and seating depth are controlled to ensure performance matched to the elite Gunwerks rifle systems. Your factory rifle can also benefit from our excellent quality control. We are pleased to add a new line of ammo featuring Hornady bullets.

The LR-1000

The LR-1000 is the reference standard long range shooting system. The stock design and shootablity are unmatched. And the performance out of the box is unrivaled. Configured with the G7 rifle scope the Gunwerks LR-1000 is an unbeatable combination. Out to 1000 yards, just range it, dial it, and shoot it.

Continuing to Define Long Range State of the Art

Gunwerks is pleased to present its shooting systems and Gseven product line at www.longrangeoutfitters.com. New for this year: Helios, Verdict, CarbonX and Magnus models. Along with the G7 2.5-10X32 and 1X rifle scopes. Look for the new ballistic app for Iphones, and try the reticle calculator addition on the G7 online ballistic program.

Our products are backed by our satisfaction Guarantee.

G7 Long Range Rifle Scopes by Nightforce

G7 products are configured for the utmost precision and reliability. The G7 configuration of the Nightforce NXS line is designed specifically for hunters with features like the low profile windage turrets with dust caps and the simple G7 Ballistic Reticle. All G7 rifle scopes are Guaranteed to maintain Point of Impact under the worst conditions possible by utilizing First Shot Technologies, and they individually Tested Tough before we ship them to you.

G7 5.5-22X50 and 5.5-22X56 Scopes

  • Enough Magnification for the longest shot.
  • Can be used with a G7 Ballistic Turret for simple long-range compensation.

G7 2.5-10X32 Scope

A compact option with exceptional resolution. Virtually parallax free out to 500 yards! Can be used with a G7 Ballistic Turret for simple long-range compensation.

G7 1X Scope

The toughest 1X scope on the market. Designed for shooting big deer in Utah with a muzzle loader!

Can be used with a G7 Ballistic Turret for simple long-range compensation.

G7 Ballistic Turret

The simplest way to compensate for a long range shot. Just dial the yards right on your elevation adjustment. The G7 BT also features a convenient MOA adjustment scale.

G7 BR2 Ballistic Rangefinder

The first Rangefinder to:

  • Range consistently beyond 1000 yards in tough conditions including precipitation!
  • Use YOUR Ballistic Coefficient and Muzzle Velocity
  • Automatically compensate for Incline shooting or Air Density Changes

G7 Cutting Edge Ballistic Tools

Free Online Calculator at www.gseven.com LRBC Program for Windows Mobile 6 devices. As well as a G7 Ballistic app for iPhone on its way.